Why use play therapy

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Play Therapy

Children use play to communicate thei​r emotions and how they feel.  Play Therapy gives children the opportunity to deal with their fears and resolve psychosocial difficulties in a calm and safe, nurturing environment.

Common uses for Play Therapy:

  • to treat trauma & grief
  • to provide coping skills and help with anger control or anxiety
  • to help with regulatory disorders or ADHD
  • to help children dealing with divorce or separation
  • to cope with critical illness
  • to learn social skills
  • to help adoptive families
  • to treat children who are victims of  sexual abuse
  • to help children struggling with school behavioral issues

Teens and Tweens Counseling

Junior High and High School can be difficult times for tweens and teens. Many kids are anxious about navigating social groups and dealing with more advanced academics. Social anxiety during this time is common. Parents often feel powerless to help their teen deal with our stressful world!

We now know that the teen’s brain is undergoing big changes referred to by Dr. Dan Seigel as a “brainstorm.” From ages 12-20 the prefrontal cortex is pruning brain cells and laying new neural pathways more than at any other time in the brain’s development. This part of our brain is where emotional control, impulse restraint and rational decision making takes place. It's no wonder your teen is acting differently!

Our therapy process will help your teen feel comfortable and safe during the therapy session. Art, music, writing, and even play are used to break the ice and help your teen express themselves. Our goal is help your teen see their greatness and grow into self-confident young adults.

Family Therapy and Parenting

We know that working with the family is key to helping children.  Our therapists are all trained in the Nurtured Heart Approach.  This approach was developed by Howard Glasser to help families with intense children, but now we know it helps all children thrive.  

Family therapy focuses on the use of play therapy to help families grow closer and learn to enjoy one another again.  

All families are welcome in our practice because we know each family is unique.